Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Card Photo Inspiration

Still need to take those holiday card photos this year and need a little inspiration? Check out these photos for some unique and festive ideas to celebrate the holiday season!

Spell It Out
Spell out your holiday greeting in your photo by using letters from the craft store or make your own using cardboard!

Nikki James Photography

Let it Snow
Warm weather bringing you down? Create your own holiday magic with faux snow!

Ashlee D. Photography

Include the whole Family
Try including a great photo your  pet. After all, they're part of the family too right?!

Dress Up
Make your holiday photos more festive by coordinating colors or outfits. 

Pop of Color
Taking a black and white photo and making some elements stand out in color can add a real unique touch to your holiday photos! A photo like this would be really great for a newly engaged couple!

Bearhead Photography

Just Married

If you've just recently gotten married this year make use of those photos! They look great on holiday cards.

Take a Drive
Outdoor photos always look the greatest on Christmas cards. Don't have a great outdoor setting near your house? Maybe the town an hour up north has all the snow? Grab the family and go for a drive! Find a fun spot to spend some time together and snap a few shots while you're at it. You're bound to end up with a couple of great ones! Building a snowman was an awesome idea for this photo!

Hope these photos sparked some great ideas for you this holiday season. And if you're still on the hunt for some holiday photo cards to send, check out my card collection here!

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